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Nightlife in Berlin

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  • Berghain image


Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin

webberghain.de phone+49 302 936 0210

This sprawling industrial space is Berlin’s most famous venue and was judged ‘Best Club in the World’ on DJ Magazine’s 2011 annual list.On the main Berghain floor (only open from Saturday night) hard techno thunders from colossal speakers. Things are a little more relaxed, so to speak, upstairs where Panorama Bar caters to fans of house and disco.

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  • Watergate image


Falckensteinstrasse 49 Berlin 10997

webwater-gate.de phone+49 30 612 80 394

Watergate is an incredible clubbing experience well worth a visit while you're in Berlin. This two storey, open-planned club boasts a modern and dark interior with floor to ceiling glass looking out onto the river, creating the illusion that you are in fact on the water yourself. There is seating all along the windows and if the weather permits, you can sit out on the deck.

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  • Tresor Club image

Tresor Club

Köpenicker Strasse 70, Berlin

webtresorberlin.com phone+49 30 69 537 720

Tresor is named very literally, due to it's location in the former bank vaults of an old department store. The club, left free of any decorations or embellishments, was the first techno club to open in Berlin and is credited for having discovered many famous DJ's and for having started the techno scene in Germany, after the fall of the wall. The sun rising means nothing here, visitors are usually through the doors in the early hours of the morning and don't leave until well into the day.

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  • White Trash Fast Food image

White Trash Fast Food

Schönhauser Allee 6-7, Berlin

webwhitetrashfastfood.com phone+49 30 5034 8668

Posing inconspicuously as a restaurant (and actually, well worth calling into for a pre-boogie burger), from the front you'd have no idea that White Trash contained a 2 floored club with multiple stages as well as a 'No Pain, No Brain' tattoo shop and a smoking cinema. Popular with American and other English speaking ex-pats, this kitsch club combines Asian and American themes, creating a quirky and delightfully trashy atmosphere. Arrive before 8pm for free entry and grab a hamburger and a couple of drinks before heading downstairs to hit the club!

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  • Club der Visionäre image

Club der Visionäre

Am Flutgraben, Berlin

webclubdervisionaere.com phone+49 30 695 189 42

It is situated on the banks of the canal, just out of sight of the road running between Kreuzberg and Treptower Park. There’s a small indoor dance floor and a spacious open-air area with a large jetty stretching out across the water. While it’s possible to drop in midweek from 2pm for a beer, the place comes to life on the weekend, filling up with an after-hour crowd, happy to chill, drink and dance the day away.

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