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Privacy policy

The privacy policy below applies to all personal data processing activities, regardless of whether personal data is provided and processed via the www.businesstripfriend.comwww.blog.businesstripfriend.com or other activities of employees or individuals, which for the company performs work related to internal administrative activities, always in the extent to which they are applicable to a specific activity.

These policies define and specify the terms and conditions for the use of the above websites in relation to the processing of personal data and the data subject and the rights and obligations of the personal data controller and the data subject, regardless of whether you are visiting only, using its community functions or you are requesting the services of a web site operator. Please note that the protection of personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Regulation is granted to natural persons rather than to legal persons.

1. The identity and contact details of the webmaster and site operator

within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as "ZOOÚ") and within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter referred to as "the Regulation") and the handling of personal data

Contact details for inquiries, requests, or other personal data and processing requests:

2. Personal information

The processing of personal data is a very broad concept. This may mean, for example, recording (storing), changing, retrieving or transferring personal information to others (where the law so permits). We also process your personal data in these ways.

Personal information is the data you voluntarily provide as part of the user account registration, the use of community site features, or filling in the contact form. Personal information means any information that identifies or identifies a particular person.

Other personal information that we receive automatically in connection with the use of the website is information we obtain from the cookies we were informed about when we entered the web site. If you want to remind this information, you can find it here.

2.1 Personal data processed based on user account registration

  • User name or nickname
  • E-mail address
  • Name and surname
  • Password
  • IP address of Your computer Vašeho počítače
  • The content of cookies

2.2 ​Personal data processed when using community site features

The use of community site features is tied to registering a user account. Within this account, you have the option to enter your portrait (photo), name and surname, nationality, and date of your birth. The information you store is visible to all other users. Another feature that you can use as a registered user is to evaluate articles, post comments under the article, comment on comments. Your activity is stored and made available to all users.

For all information, we assume that you also agree to its disclosure (by making it available).

2.3 Personal data processed on the basis of sending the contact form

This information is required to process your request. They are, in particular, but not exclusively:

  • Name and surname
  • Email address

2.4 Personal data processed on the basis of an ad order

This information is required to process your request. They are, in particular, but not exclusively:

  • Name and surname
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Address

3. Purpose of the use of personal data

We process your personal information in particular to enable you to use the website (you can access it, write comments, and rate it - it affects your username, password, first and last name and e-mail).

We are authorized to process your personal data:

  • if you explicitly agree to do so. We will give you this consent for a specific purpose and process only those of your data that are necessary for this purpose. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time.
  • if the processing of your data is regulated by law. For example, it could happen that a user would start spreading falsehoods about other users or sharing copyrighted content. The law requires us (like anyone else) to prevent damage. We need to know who this user is and from which computer he / she logs in. Personal data may also be needed exceptionally if requested by a court or authority (including the Office for Personal Data Protection). In this case, we need to process your personal information even if the user (or you, for example, as a corrupt) does not agree.
  • if we need your information to comply with the agreement you enter into with us. Web site registration is a kind of contract - we allow you and you have the right to use all of the site's options free of charge (write for other articles, post comments, engage in discussions, etc.). You do not give your approval anymore. Your possible disagreement would lead to a contract that could not be fulfilled at all (to give you access to the site).
  • if we have another legitimate interest. This may include, for example, the retention of data to protect the security of a computer network, or the protection of our rights (eg, damages if any of the users disseminate malicious content and damage our reputation).

We expressly state that we are always authorized to process only personal data that is necessary for the purpose. We are required to store personal data for different purposes (e.g., to access the site of performance of the contract and to protect our rights) separately (not unify them together into one database).

4. Business Communication

We may send business communications to users' contacts on the basis of a legitimate interest of the Company, only until you express your disagreement or express consent to the processing of personal data for marketing and business purposes. In the business messages sent, a link is always given to refuse to send these messages.

5. The length of the retention of personal data

It depends on how we process your personal information.

If we process the law (legal regulation), we keep them for as long as the law requires.

In the case of personal data due to access to the web (or actually "performance of the contract"), then in principle, while you are a user of the site, until a certain article or your discussion post is published until we can assume that we need your data to handle the disputed case (eg, freezing or canceling a user account when you would complain that it was not legitimate from us).

If we have a legitimate interest in processing (protecting you and our rights), the duration of their deposition must be proportionate to the nature of the interest (for example, during proceedings before a court or court, until a limitation of rights, etc.).

In the case of personal data processing based on an online order, the data will be processed until you withdraw your consent or otherwise indicate to us that you no longer wish to process such data.

If you have given us explicit consent to the processing of personal data for a specific case, we will also agree on how long we will process them.

6. Recipients of personal data

In order to enable you to access the site (or actually fulfill our obligation) to fulfill our legal obligations and to protect legitimate interests, it is sometimes necessary to provide your personal information to others.

Typical examples are, for example, other users of the site with whom you come in contact and who "see" you as a site user. We forward your data to you for the purposes of mutual communication, sharing of posts, enabling discussion, etc. (Please note that other users will receive your data for personal and non-commercial purposes and are therefore not subject to the Regulation or any other privacy policy. so our users, by law, may not use such information in a way that would harm you, lead to gratuitous interference with your privacy or your reputation).

We use other entities to provide IT services and specialized services such as accounting services. These vendors process data only within our guidelines and may not use them otherwise. They are in the position of processors of personal data.

In all cases, we are required to ensure that your data is secured against unauthorized access (by reading), for example by encrypting or restricting the access of the site administrator to the minimum possible number of people. Besides our users, we also conclude with the other "recipients" of the data of the contract, under which we undertake not to further disseminate any personal data that we have obtained, and also to secure them against unauthorized access.

Here too, it is possible to pass on only those personal data that are absolutely necessary.

With respect to these persons (other users) you have the same rights as ours when processing your personal information. These rights are listed below.

7. The way of processing personal data and its protection

In particular, we have adopted the following measures to safeguard personal data:

  • electronic security
  • access rights limitation
  • making security backups
  • encryption
  • antivirus protection

Violations of personal data protection or personal data leakage are required to report to the Office for Personal Data Protection and depending on the degree of threat to the customers affected by the leakage. This procedure is not necessary if the security breach does not entail the risk of personal data being leaked.

Personal data are processed in person and automated.

By automated processing, it is understood that personal data is processed at a particular moment without human intervention. An example may be the automatic transfer of personal data (database) databases when they are backed up to the computer's hard drive.

Non-automated (personalized) processing means working with them, searching for them, actively using a particular person (such as a moderator that regulates user discussion). This processing is in principle electronically (on a computer, laptop, tablet).

8. Information on the rights of the data subject in relation to the processing of personal data

The data subject, if you are an identifiable and identifiable natural person, have the following rights:

8.1 Right to information

You have the right to receive information about the processing of your personal information. This means that you can ask us, for example, how we process your data, how, for what purposes, etc. Typically, these are the questions that are mentioned in this Information and you may not be sure of anything. We will respond in writing (usually by email) within 1 month at the latest. If your request is demanding - for example, a lot of data and a lot of history - we'll let you know and ask for your patience. Such a request can be handled within 3 months of its submission.

8.2 Right of access to personal data

You have the right to receive a confirmation of the personal data we process about you and a copy (listing, list) of personal data we process about you. We would like to send you a confirmation and a list again by email.

8.3 Right not to be subject to so-called profiling

This should not happen during your contact with us at all. Profiling is an activity in which your rights and duties are decided without human intervention. (For example, your computer will sort out a user group and send a report about a user's competition or offer of a rental of equipment). This right basically means that any of our actions against you that are legally relevant (including cancellation of your account) confirm the living person. That "one must have the last word". An exception would in principle be possible either for the conclusion of a contract and the performance of the obligations, if the law allows it, or your prior consent. Even if we do not expect such a situation, we will also inform you about this right.

8.4 Right to accuracy of personal data (correction of bad personal data)

We have an obligation to keep your personal information up-to-date. If anything changes (such as changing your surname, permanent residence, or email), you have the right to update your personal information. This means that the old personal data in our database (records) have been corrected (changed to new ones) or old data have been added by the new ones.

Due to the number of users, we are not able to determine individually whether such a change occurred to you. We therefore ask you to let us know the changes. Most of the time, it's enough if you point out the change in your profile data. Then we will fix it in our database automatically. If you are not sure whether we have your current data, please ask us.

We also inform the persons we handed over to the processing of the personal data.

8.5 Right to object to processing

If you believe that we process your personal data in an unauthorized manner, you can object to this processing. It would be a case in which we would process the data without your consent and have no other legitimate reason for processing (law enforcement, access to the web or performance of the contract in general, other legitimate interest). Your objection may also concern so-called profiling - see above.

You can send this objection to the contact details listed at the beginning of this Information.

We are obliged to consider your objection from this point of view as to whether there really is a reason for processing. If not, we are required to terminate the processing of your personal data (shred data). If there is such a reason, we'll let you know. We are required to resolve your objection within 1 month, or inform you within one month that your request is very demanding. In that case, we can handle it within 3 months of its submission.

8.6 Right to restrict the processing of personal data

In some cases, we have a duty to process your personal data so as to limit it. In simple terms, your personal information is "freezing". In this case, we may have your data stored in your database and separate from other personal data (other data). On the other hand, we must not, for example, pass it on to others, combine them with other personal data or process them differently. The reasons for limiting the processing of personal data are as follows:

  • Personal information is not accurate; we will limit their processing until they are repaired or   completed,
  • The processing of personal data is illegal, for example, it is processed without your consent, and in this case the consent was necessary. However, you may choose not to delete your personal information, but to limit its processing,
  • If we are not allowed to process your data (as per the law), but you need to have it available to protect your rights and legitimate interests (such as litigation)
  • you object to the processing of your personal data; until we have resolved your objection, we will access your data in this restricted mode (we will restrict its processing).

There is one more exception to this limitation. We may also use your personal information to apply and impede our own rights or other persons or for reasons of serious public interest (for example, if such personal information could help clarify the crime).

8.7 Right to delete / terminate the processing of personal data

In some cases, you have the right to delete all or some of your personal information from our database. It is at the moment when no legal reason (your consent, compliance with the law, fulfillment of the contract, other legitimate interest) is given for the processing of these data.

If you make a request for the deletion of your personal information, we must respect it in the light of whether there is sufficient reason to further store your personal data. Again, we need to process your request within 1 month at the latest, otherwise you may be notified within one month of its high difficulty; then we have to settle for up to 3 months.

There are exceptions to the right to delete. This applies, for example, to the processing of personal data for statistical and research purposes or for the purposes of archiving. In such a case, we may not delete your personal information even if you ask us to do so.

8.8 The right to transfer your personal data to another person

Personal information we process about you may be forwarded to another person who will process it on your request. In our databases, we also delete these data. However, several conditions have to be met. First, such data must be processed so-called "automated" (ie without human intervention, eg in a computer program). Second, it must be personal data processed either with your consent or for performance of the contract (eg, web access). (You can not, therefore, take personal data that we process by law or for our legitimate interest - such as the protection of computer network security or the enforcement of our rights.) Passed personal data must be clear and should be able to deal with a standard computer program without problems data must be in so-called machine-readable format).

8.9 Right to withdraw consent

For some purposes, we need your consent for processing your personal information. This can often be related to, for example, the publication of photographs. You always give us your consent voluntarily and you have the right to revoke it at any time. The contacts listed at the beginning of this Information are used to appeal. If you withdraw your consent, we are not authorized to further process your data for such purpose (we will terminate your processing, delete the data).

8.10 Right to file a complaint with the so-called Supervisory Authority

If you believe that any of your rights regarding your personal data has been violated, you have the right to file a complaint with the so-called Supervisory Authority. It is a state authority that also oversees the observance of the law on the protection of personal data. In the Czech Republic, this body is the Office for Personal Data Protection.

These policies are valid from May 25, 2018


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