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General Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions of the placement of advertisements on the Internet travel portal website registered under the Internet domain www.businesstripfriend.com.



The Travel Portal BusinessTripFriend.com operated by a natural person - Renáta Jirasová, business identification number 62562215, registered office Prague 5, Eberlova 1465/4, postal code 155 00 (hereinafter referred to as “Operator”) is available for public on the Internet address (URL): http://www.businesstripfriend.com.


The Operator is entitled to provide on the above Internet portal to interested parties advertising formats and spaces (hereinafter referred to as “Product”) such as banners, catalogue entries, preferred spaces in catalogue sections, etc. as specified in the Products Pricelist.


The interested parties ordering the advertisements (hereinafter referred to as "Submitter") are a natural person or a legal entity who directly ordered advertisements for itself or a third party such as an advertising or media agency.


2.1 Booking and Ordering

The advertisement can be booked on the basis of a written order, by filling out a form - see pages “Advertising” and “Submit a site”. The advertising can be paid immediately by a credit card or bank transfer (see pages “Advertising” and “Submit a site”). The Operator undertakes to publish the advertising on the www.businesstripfriend.com within five business days following the receipt of the payment.

2.2 Submission Documents for Advertising

The Submitter is obliged to provide the Operator with all documents necessary for advertising. As regards the graphic types of products, for example, banners, the Submitter is obliged to observe the specified dimensions (see pages “Advertising” and “Submit a site”). The Submitter may also order the production of graphic elements with the Operator. In such a case the Operator warrants the functionality of the ordered graphic format. However, the Operator is no longer liable for the content of the advertisement, which will be prepared on the basis of a written specification of the Submitter.

2.3 The Submitter’s Responsibilities


The Submitter accepts and assumes full responsibility for the quality, contents, and technical and legal correctness of the contents of the ordered Product as a whole.


The Submitter is obliged to compensate the Operator for any financial or other loss or damage caused by legal or technical defect of the advertisement, which the Operator would suffer as a result of claims raised against it by other entities under the laws and regulations protecting unfair competition, copyright and other intellectual property rights, industrial property rights, including rights to a trademark.

2.4 The Operator’s Right to Refuse Advertising

The Operator has the right to refuse to carry out advertising:

  • if the contents of the ordered advertising does not comply with applicable laws and regulations, principles of morality or ethical code of advertising, or threatens public order.
  • In the event of a conflict between the Submitter and the Operator as to whether the advertising meets any of these conditions, the Operator’s opinion shall be decisive.
  • which is contrary to the contents, the portal’sscope of specialization (the phenomenon of traveling).
  • which promotes the Operator’s competitor, or its affiliates.
  • with as to its content, quality, or form is against the Operator’s interests.
  • if the Submitter is with respect to the Operator delayed with payment.
  • The Operator has further the right not to publish the advertising if the advertising submission documents do not meet the specified technical conditions (incorrect dimensions of the advertisement, exceeding of the amount of data, generating errors on the page, referencing to an illegal URL, etc.).
  • The Operator shall immediately inform the Submitter that it refuses to publish the Submitter’s advertising or that it ceased to publish the advertising that had been already posted stating the reasons, which led to such a course of action.


3.1 Price

The price is calculated based on the current Operator’s Pricelist. The prices included in the pricelist already include VAT.

3.2 Invoicing and Payment Terms

The Submitter shall pay the price for advertising in full as listed on the “Advertising” page. The Operator shall issue tax documents (invoices) upon the Submitter’s request and send e-mail to the Submitter within 10 days after the payment is credited in full to the Operator’s account.

3.3 Cancellation Policy

In the event that the Submitter wishes to cancel the confirmed order, it is obliged to inform the Operator in writing via e-mail as soon as possible. If the Submitter has already paid for the advertising order that is not yet published or wishes to cancel the published advertising, the fee shall be 100% of the published advertising and, therefore, the Operator shall not refund even a proportion of the ordered advertising campaign.


In the event of errors or failures on the part of the Operator the Submitter is entitled to claim a reasonable compensation or discount. The failure to carry out the ordered advertising campaigns, without the circumstances set out in paragraph 4.2 leading to it, shall be considered an error or failure on the part of the Operator. The deadline for raising a claim shall be 14 days from the date, on which the Submitter found out or could find out about the error or failure and must be raised in writing.



The contracting parties undertake not to disclose mutual data and information obtained in the course of cooperation to any third party.


The Submitter is fully responsible for the contents of any advertisements or other advertising items it supplies and their compliance with applicable laws and regulations or principles of morality. In case the advertisement or advertising items supplied by the Submitter do not comply with the aforementioned, the Submitter shall be liable to the Operator for any damage caused.


The Operator reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, without a prior notice.


The Submitter grants the Operator consent with the processing of its personal data to the extent necessary to meet the obligations of the Operator and the consent to receive the Operator’s offers (Pricelist, new forms of advertising, etc.) to any of the email addresses that the Submitter indicates when communicating with the Operator.


These Terms and Conditions are valid and effective from 1 September 2014.