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Reichstag (German Federal Parliament)

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Reichstag (German Federal Parliament)

Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin

The seat of the German Parliament is located near the Brandenburg Gate and former Berlin Wall (which was broken after the unification in 1989). Reichstag was completed in 1894 following German national unity and the establishment of the German Reich in 1871. During the reconstruction (which was completed in 1999) was erected the huge glass dome on the roof as a gesture to the original 1894 cupola, giving an impressive view over the city, especially at night.


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Alfonso 65 points

A special glass building!


value to visit 5 of 5
easy to reach 5 of 5
If you have a couple of hours free time I can recommend you to go to see Reichstag. It is downtown, next to the Wall and near Unter den Linden strasse. It is a very special building with a fascinating glass cupola from where is beautiful view on the city.


John Snowman 115 points

History in making


value to visit 4.5 of 5
easy to reach 4.5 of 5
If you can endure the always long line-ups, you will be rewarded with the Reichstag inner experience. definitely worth the wait. little mixed feelings about this one , mainly thanks to the fact that most of Reichstag fame comes from the time period we all would like to forget. Times are changing , so go in , soak up the history and enjoy the Cupola , if you can make it all the way up there


Heida 25 points

Very interesting building


value to visit 4.5 of 5
easy to reach 4.5 of 5
Reichstag is one of Berlin’s most iconic buildings. It’s been burned, bombed, rebuilt and finally turned into the modern home of the German parliament. It's a very interesting building, just remember you have to schedule your visit in advance. If you are not going inside Reichstag there are some useful history info signs on approach to the building well worth a read.


irroreisencom 25 points

Reichstag - an imposing building!


value to visit 4 of 5
easy to reach 4.5 of 5
The "Reichstag” building of 1894 houses again the German Parliament.
It has a history of its own: destroyed, rebuild and now equipped with an imposing glass cupola.


atb 30 points

A place which should not be missed when visiting Berlin.


value to visit 4.5 of 5
easy to reach 4.5 of 5
Great views of Berlin. An impressive building from the outside, the Reichstag terrace provides a great platform to view other sights in the city. Interesting history.
The free audio guide was really helpful, and the views stunning. The place is great and free of charge.

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