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Restaurants in Berlin

We have 12 entries so far.

  • Massai African restaurant  image

Massai African restaurant

Lychener Strasse 12, Berlin

webmassai-berlin.de phone+49 30 486 255 95

Let yourself be seduced by our ambience and enjoy our traditional African food. The aesthetically appealing design of our restaurant conveys a sense of the origins of our food. A harmonious selection of wines from South Africa is a perfect accompaniment to spicy flavored foods.

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  • TV tower restaurant (Fernsehturm) image

TV tower restaurant (Fernsehturm)

Panoramastraße 1A, Berlin

webtv-turm.de phone+49 30 247 575 875

The unforgettable experience in the TV tower restaurant. While you are sitting and enjoying culinary delights the floor is slowly moving so you can see the breathtaking panorama of Berlin from more then 200 metres high. On the menu there are delicious international dishes and hearty food from traditional Berlin cuisine.

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  • Restorani Tbilisi - Georgian specialties image

Restorani Tbilisi - Georgian specialties

Schönfliesser Strasse 15, Berlin

webrestorani-tbilisi.de phone +49 302 392 7015

Our Georgian specialties in Berlin benefit from the special climatic conditions of Georgia. A fine combination of the finest ingredients combined with wonderful herbs and spices gives a unique flavor. Our kitchen team, Ema and Joseph, brought you home-made recipes, lovingly compiled in our menu.

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  • Margaux restaurant image

Margaux restaurant

Unter den Linden 78, Berlin

webmargaux-berlin.de phone+49 30 22 65 26 11

Just steps away from the Brandeburg gate, the Margaux restaurant beckons. This is Michael Hoffmann’s culinary place of craft. This is where the acclaimed chef fulfils his vision of a sustainable modern haute cuisine, reconciling ethics and pleasure. The restaurant was awarded Michelin stars and many other awards. M. Hoffmann cultivates his own vegetables, fruits and herbs and uses them for the kitchen of the restaurant Margaux.

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  • Reinstoff image


Schlegelstraße 26c/Edison Höfe, 10115 Berlin

webreinstoff.eu phone+49 030 3088 1214

Hidden away north of the city centre in a red-brick Prussian-era factory, once you've found this place you'll never want to leave. Two Michelin stars don't seem to be enough praise for the innovative menu – split into "nearby" and "faraway" food – the avant-garde cooking techniques and astounding presentation of the dishes, Spanish and German wines and excellent service.

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  • Fischers Fritz gourmet restaurant at Regent hotel  image

Fischers Fritz gourmet restaurant at Regent hotel

Charlottenstrasse 49, Berlin

webfischersfritzberlin.com phone+49 30 203 363 63

Christian Lohse – Fischers Fritz holds the accolade of two Michelin stars for the fifth consecutive year! Why not pay a visit to Fischers Fritz gourmet restaurant and take a culinary trip into a world of delicious gourmet dishes and fish specialities? Note the smart casual attire in our restaurant, located in Regent hotel.

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  • Dos Pallilos image

Dos Pallilos

hotel Casa Camper, Weinmeisterstrasse 1, Berlin

webdospalillos.com phone+49 30 200 03413

Although the name and head chef are Spanish, the food is Asian in a tapas style. There is a 12 or 16-course tasting menu at reasonable prices. Expect dishes such as Vietnamese spring rolls, Chinese dumplings, Japanese fish liver marinated in sake, onsen tamago (eggs cooked in japanese thermal springs) or fresh seaweed with seasnail.

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  • Schwarzwaldstuben - traditional pub image

Schwarzwaldstuben - traditional pub

Tucholskystraße 48, 10117 Berlin

webschwarzwaldstuben.berlin phone+49 30 280 980 84

The lively pub with autentic Southern German food. Try the Käsespätzle – delicious noodles baked with cheese, Maultaschen (like ravioli), crispy Schnitzel, or pizza-like Flammkuchen with bits of bacon and sour cream, all washed down with traditional and tasty Rothaus beer. A large tile stove makes for a cozy atmosphere, while mounted antlers peer down from the walls. The booking of a table in advance is recommended.

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  • Quarré - French restaurant image

Quarré - French restaurant

Unter den Linden 77, Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Berlin

webkempinski.com phone+49 30 2261 1959

Located in the 1st floor of hotel Adlon-Kempinski near Brandeburg gate. The French restaurant uses top quality products from local regions with the spices and herbs sourced from all over the world. From Monday to Friday, it offers business lunches at great value for money.

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