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Sanssouci Castle & Park (Postdam, near Berlin)

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Sanssouci Castle & Park (Postdam, near Berlin)

Maulbeerallee, 14469 Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany

Sanssouci Park is an ensemble of palaces and garden complexes, which were built under Frederick the Great during the 18th century and were expanded under Frederick William IV in the 19th century. Sanssouci Palace, the summer residence of Frederick the Great, is its main focus. The relatively small palace with only 12 rooms was completed in 1747. It is located on top of a terraced vineyard, known as the Weinberg (wine mountain). The palace is only one storey high, but beautifully decorated in rococo style.


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Renata 190 points

The wonderful one-day trip by train!


value to visit 5 of 5
easy to reach 4.5 of 5
It is easy to reach Postdam by train from Berlin. If you are lucky and the weather is good it is a beautiful, full-day trip. Prepare good shoes, there are a lot of things to see in Postdam and you will walk many kilometres. Highly recommend to visit!


Sher 50 points

Gorgeous place!


value to visit 5 of 5
easy to reach 5 of 5
If you want to escape a hectical, multicultural Berlin and you have one day free, a trip by train to Postdam is a great idea. It is just about 35 km out of Berlin. The palace, gardens and many other attractions around are beautiful. It is a romantic, calm and picturesque big area. Be warned that there is a lot of walking here :-)!


irroreisencom 25 points

Outstanding Palace in Potsdam.


value to visit 5 of 5
easy to reach 5 of 5
Sanssouci is an outstanding Palace displaying a huge collection of art and treasures.
It has a majestic facade and the interior demonstrates the virtuosity of the artists of Rococo with grey and golden tints and extravagant ornamentations.


kryptonescort 15 points



value to visit 3.5 of 5
easy to reach 4.5 of 5
Visiting Sanssouci is as much a must as a walk through the park. You should plan a lot of time and hope for nice weather. Unfortunately the castle is a bit of (near Potsdam). However, magnificent interiors and furnishings allow you to immerse yourself in the pageantry of the Baroque. One little minus: The tour guide goes much too fast, you can not really look at everything.

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