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Terasa U Zlaté studně (Terrace At the Golden Well)

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phone+420 257 533 322

Terasa U Zlaté studně (Terrace At the Golden Well)

U Zlaté studně 4, Prague 1, Malá Strana

Located on the 4th floor of the hotel U Zlaté studně, with the view which will convince you that Prague is really the city of one hundred spires. Executive Chef Pavel Sapík and his team will prepare meals for you which can be nearly described as the work of alchemists. 26 seats and additional 38 seats are available on the roof terrace during the summer months.


Overall score 15th

4.48 of 5 stars 3 people have rated

location 4.8 of 5
visual aspects 4.8 of 5
atmosphere 4.2 of 5
quality of the food 4.3 of 5
staff 4.3 of 5

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Alfonso 65 points

The superb restaurant below Prague Castle!


location 5 of 5
visual aspects 5 of 5
atmosphere 5 of 5
quality of the food 4.5 of 5
staff 4.5 of 5
It is a smaller, cosy restaurant below Prague Castle with a magnificent view on red roofs of houses in Old Prague. Especially sitting at the terrace is impressive. The terrace has a roof, there is a heater and blankets so even when is colder weather you don´t feel cold. You need to provide a booking more then one week in advance. It is always full. The food is excellent but dishes are smaller and prices are higher. But I understand that this place is unique, without a comparison in Prague so you pay for it.


Renata 190 points

The first class experience!


location 5 of 5
visual aspects 5 of 5
atmosphere 5 of 5
quality of the food 5 of 5
staff 5 of 5
The first-class experience and not only because of delicious food but also the service and panoramatical scenery which is offered. Higher prices go hand in hand with all things which I described. A wonderful choice for special occassions. You need to provide a booking at least one week in advance.


Umberto 45 points

What a view


location 4.5 of 5
visual aspects 4.5 of 5
atmosphere 2.5 of 5
quality of the food 3.5 of 5
staff 3.5 of 5
I can only say: "go there for the view", it is really something special if u want to see downtown and old square... You can not miss it..the food is good, people are friendly, price is reasonable, all is ok... but I go there and there again because of the view :) I am addicted.

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