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Restaurants in Prague

We have 31 entries so far.

  • Field Restaurant image

Field Restaurant

U Milosrdných 12, Praha 1

webfieldrestaurant.cz phone+420 222 316 999

With one Michelin star (in 2017), Field is one of the TOP restaurants in Prague. The chef Radek Kašpárek is a big fan of modern cuisine with strong flavours. He enjoys to surprise guests with his versions of the well-known dishes. The minimalist interior & perfect service. The restaurant Field is a unique place for special occassions. The toilet is equipped by a small fountain singing in Brazilian and Argentinian :-).

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  • Ristorante Pagana - Italian cuisine image

Ristorante Pagana - Italian cuisine

Vladislavova 17, Praha 1

webpagana.cz phone+420 224 056 300

Located in the city centre, Pagana is an Italian family restaurant offering cosy ambience and authentic Italian cuisine such as sea food, fresh fish and daily different menu. As a highlight are offered flambéed spaghetti prepared in a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano just in front of you. As in real Italy, the owners keep "siesta" so don´t try to visit the restaurant between 15:00-18:00. It is closed! Also it is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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  • U modré kachničky (At The Little Blue Duck) image

U modré kachničky (At The Little Blue Duck)

Nebovidská 460/6, 118 00 Praha 1

webumodrekachnicky.cz phone+420 257 320 308

There are two restaurants „U Modré kachničky (At the Little Duck)“ in the heart of Prague (one is located near Old town square in Michalská street and the second one in Lesser town in Nebovidská street) but both restaurants can boast by excellent cuisine and cosy, unique „genius loci“. The retro interiors with antique furniture from 30´s combined by piano music create a very cosy and friendly ambience. If you love duck or deer you will be fascinated by culinary masterpieces of the chef Michael Váňa who used to cook even for Norwedian and Sweedish kings :-). One of these restaurants not to be missed when you are in Prague.

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  • Svatá Klára - romantic restaurant image

Svatá Klára - romantic restaurant

U Trojského zámku 35, Praha 7

websvataklara.cz phone+ 420 233 540 173

Svata Klara restaurant is located a bit far from downtown, near the Zoo and Botanical garden, but it is value to visit mainly for guests who are looking for a real romantic, non-traditional ambience. It was originally a wine cellar on one of the Prague vineyards neighbouring with the baroque Castle Troja. Guests can expect the excellent modern Czech and International cuisine. Prices are higher but the waiter with white gloves will treat you as the King and Queen. You will remember forever :-)! Some years ago Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie chose this restaurant for romantic dining.

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  • Cafe & Restaurant Imperial image

Cafe & Restaurant Imperial

Na Poříčí 15, Praha 1

webcafeimperial.cz phone+420 246 011 440

Opened in 1914, the Art Nouveau Café & Restaurant Imperial has always been regarded as one of the most beautiful coffee houses in Prague. The kitchen, run by an experienced chef Zdenek Pohlreich (a well-known chef from TV culinary show) will look after every customer’s needs. All food is homemade without any feeling of fast food or mass-produced convenience.

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  • La Casa Argentina image

La Casa Argentina

Dlouhá 730, Praha 1

weblacasaargentina.cz phone+420 222 311 512

This fun restaurant and bar near Old Town square has several salons. Each represents a different aspect of Argentina. One is a nautical tavern with lanterns and swinging chairs. Another is a cool, Buenos Aires piano bar. While another is the Parana River at the Iguazu Falls. One room even has a parrot, an iguana and tropical fish. The mainstay of the menu is delicious grilled meats, cooked over a fire or on a charcoal grill, with chimichurri sauce.

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  • Hergetova cihelna - seafood & Czech cuisine  image

Hergetova cihelna - seafood & Czech cuisine

Cihelná 2b, Praha 1

webkampagroup.com phone+420 296 826 103

Lively and stylish restaurant on the banks of the river Vltava wows with a spectacular view of the Charles Bridge. Locals and visitors come here for creative variations on Czech and international favorites, gourmet salads and the freshest seafood anywhere. With stunning views, a hip atmosphere, and reasonable prices, there is something for everyone.

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  • La Degustation  Bohême Bourgeoise restaurant  image

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise restaurant

Hastalska 18, Praha 1

webladegustation.cz phone+420 222 311 234

One of the best restaurants downtown of Prague. The special experience for all gourmets! Traditional meals of Czech culinary art from the end of the 19th century inspired by masterful techniques of the culinary. The courses vary according to a season and current offers of Czech producers and organic farms. Non-smoking restaurant.

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  • Myšák - traditional café & pastry shop image

Myšák - traditional café & pastry shop

Vodičkova 31, Praha 1

webmysak.ambi.cz phone+420 734 898 607

Located downtown, near Wenceslas square, the famous patisserie „Myšák“ is a great choice for all lovers of delicious home-made cakes & coffee who want to enjoy an unique and charming atmosphere of so-called „the First Czechoslovak Republic“ (a period after 1st World war in 1918-1938). The interior in Art-Nouveau offers a peaceful, traditional ambience, comfortable seating and tranquillity. There is a ground and 1st floor (the seating on the 1st floor is highly recommended!). It is open on Mon-Fri 9:00--20:00 and at weekends 10:00-20:00.

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