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Restaurants in Munich

We have 12 entries so far.

  • Trader Vic's bar & restaurant - Polynesian cuisine image

Trader Vic's bar & restaurant - Polynesian cuisine

Promenadeplatz 2-6, 80333 München

webbayerischerhof.de phone+49 892 120 995

Popular with actors, executives and fashion designers, Trader Vic's has been favourite for decades. Situated in the basement of the luxurious Hotel Bayerischer Hof, the restaurant boasts wicker tables and chairs, colourfully dressed waiters and a fine choice of Polynesian food. The spare ribs and charcoal-grilled dishes are highly recommended.

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  • Tantris restaurant image

Tantris restaurant

Johann-Fichte-Str. 7, 80805 München

webtantris.de phone+49 89 361 959-0

Voted among the 50 best restaurants in the world and awarded with two Michelin stars, Tantris is celebrated as one of the most renowned restaurants in Munich. Chef Hans Haas creates German cuisine with an exotic twist such as suckling pig with smoked eel and dried plums. The restaurant is glowing in orange and yellow colors and has a kitschy 70s ambience. Reservations are a must.

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  • Schuhbecks Fine Dining im Boettners image

Schuhbecks Fine Dining im Boettners

Pfisterstrasse 9, 80331 München

webschuhbeck.de phone+49 89 216 690 315

A pleasant restaurant, although quite expensive. A solid wine list, well prepared traditional food and good service overcomes a somewhat dowdy decor. Try the lobster stew in a cream sauce and almost any dish with white truffles. Pike balls appear delectably in a Chablis herb sauce, and succulent lamb or venison appears enticingly in a woodsy morel sauce. Desserts are sumptuous. The French influence is evident in many traditional Bavarian recipes.

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  • Pfistermühle image


Pfisterstrasse 4, 80331 München

webpfistermuehle.de phone+49 89 23 703 865

Located in hotel Platzl, near Marienplatz, the Restaurant Pfistermühle offers 95 seats distributed into 4 chambers. 30 additional seats are available in the beer garden during summertime. Seasonal and reinterpreted Bavarian cuisine, as well as predominant regional products are the base for the culinary direction of the restaurant. Suitable to this, we are offering selected wines from Franconia and from exlusive international locations. Also the Bavarian national drink is available: Beer specialities from the Ayinger brewery.

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  • Zum Franziskaner image

Zum Franziskaner

Residenzstrasse 9, 80333 München

webzum-franziskaner.de phone+49 089 231 812 0

A father and son team run this popular, traditional restaurant where you can always guarantee a lively atmosphere thanks to the many regulars. The kitchen serves tasty traditional Bavarian food - Leberkäse, Weißwurst and other sausage specialities from the in-house butchery. Glass-fronted interior courtyard.

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  • Spatenhaus an der Oper image

Spatenhaus an der Oper

Residenzstrasse 12, 80333 München

webkuffler.de phone+49 89 290 705-0

First class service with excellent food! This attractive restaurant, just opposite the Münich Opera House, exudes a rural charm. The ground floor accommodates fans of traditional cooking as if from a grandmother's kitchen; while the first floor restaurant is for the gourmets who appreciate regional dishes with international additions, using always the highest quality ingredients.

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  • Dallmayr restaurant & delicatessen food store  image

Dallmayr restaurant & delicatessen food store

Dienerstrasse 14, 80331 München

webdallmayr.de phone+49 89 2135-0

Diethard Urbansky, head chef at the Michelin 2-starred Restaurant Dallmayr, serves his guests a top-notch culinary experience. His extraordinary cuisine has earned him numerous awards. Try the deer and wild boar ham and the niederbaurisches gerauchtes. Besides a restaurant Dallmayr includes also a luxury delicatessen food store, sells a luxury brand of coffee, provides a party service, and other food related services.

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  • Ederer restaurant image

Ederer restaurant

Kardinal-Faulhaber Strasse 10, 80333 München

webrestaurant-ederer.de phone+49 089 24 231 310

It is the great combination of Bavarian cuisine and a touch of French haute cuisine that makes the Ederer restaurant in Munich's Fünf Höfe (five courtyards) pedestrian precinct so very unusual. The menu is seasonal, and the ingredients used are as natural as possible. The 2-floor restaurant is something of an exquisite arts gallery, as the landlord, Karl Ederer, is also known as a collector of modern art.

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  • Ratskeller image


Marienplatz 8, 80331 München

webratskeller.com phone+49 89 219 9890

This classical Bavarian restaurant is located on Marienplatz underneath city hall, in heart of Munich. The interior is beautifully painted and the restaurant itself is so huge that you can almost get lost in it. The menu in a high standard offers everything from Schweinshaxe (Knuckle of Pork) to Kaiserschmarrn ('Emperor's Mishmash', a caramelized pancake which is a traditional Austrian dessert). There are also cakes for dessert or coffee breaks.

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