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Interpreters & Transl. in Munich

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  • Leon Ivanov Tranlations - Russian interpreters image

Leon Ivanov Tranlations - Russian interpreters

webmar.at phone+ 49 89 30708522

During conferences on politics, economics or education, Russian interpreters play a vital role. Conference interpreter Munich discourses are always very specific in their terminology and need to be interpreted accordingly. Our Russian interpreters have wide ranging professional experience and expertise, particularly in conferences that focus on trade, business management, economics and other specialist fields.

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  • Kulik & Suess image

Kulik & Suess

websprachenagentur.de phone+49 89 59 74 31

Kulik & Suess is your partner for the world´s languages over 45 years. We can provide you with qualified and experienced interpreters in all languages for: Trade fairs, Meetings, Conferences, Negotiations, Business trips, Visit to the authorities, etc.

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  • Lindoking - interpreter call-service image

Lindoking - interpreter call-service

weblingoking.com phone+49 800 465 464 6

"lingoking" is a new kind of internet platform that provides translation services worldwide 24 hours a day. That meets the spirit of the time. Because what is demanded in global economy is that concept of “just in time”. At lingoking, we do everything in our power to make sure that only the best interpreters are working with you. We have developed a quality control program, in close cooperation with professional interpreters, interpreter associations and universities.

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  • Akzente Sprachen image

Akzente Sprachen

webakzente-sprachen.de phone+49 89 747 07 05

When you set about organizing your conference, we'll be pleased to advise you and to act as your consultant interpreter. When preparing for a multilingual event, you'd be well advised early on to have a consultant interpreter assisting you with your planning. This specialist will assemble the ideal interpreter team by taking into account venue, specialist knowledge, type of interpreting (consecutive or simultaneous), etc.

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  • Agentur Quaranta image

Agentur Quaranta

webagentur-quaranta.de phone +49 8121 225212

Quaranta provides promotional services using personnel from a broad demographic spectrum. Our personnel, all of whom are older than 30 years of age, are available to help you provide services that promote you to your customers. They are competent and experienced representatives for you to use at trade shows, exhibitions, events, promotion activities and conferences.

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