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Interpreters & Transl. in Copenhagen

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  • ABS Language Services image

ABS Language Services

webabsinterpreter.com phone+1 877 512 1195

ABS is the US company providing interpretation services in Copenhagen, Denmark and internationally. Interpreting consists of verbally translating a message from one language into another, to another person or group of people, in real time. From coast-to-coast, in a variety of settings, and in multiple languages. It is our priority to ensure quality and exceed industry standards for all of the interpreting work that we provide.

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  • TranslatorHuset i Centrum image

TranslatorHuset i Centrum

webtranslatorhuset.dk phone+45 70 27 26 10

TranslatørHuset i Centrum provides translation, interpretation and other language services, certified translations and legalisation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and above all, a professional and competent co-operative partnership. By taking great care to achieve the highest standards we can provide translations which are accurate, true to the original and highly readable.

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  • Native Translator image

Native Translator

webnative-translator.co.uk phone+45 70 145 447

Native Translator is a professional online translation agency offering you the highest quality for the best price – with a quick and simple service. The website is designed purely with the needs of clients in mind. The whole process of getting a professional translation can take place online with the Native Translator – without you needing to pick up the phone once.

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  • Global Media Desk image

Global Media Desk

webglobalmediadesk.com phone+1 888 957 2747

The Global Media Desk only works with the finest, most respected interpreters in Copenhagen. Our experience with large international conferences, business meetings, legal depositions and examinations, trade shows, and VIP delegations means that you can count on us to get it right. We will carefully analyze your multilingual event to determine your precise needs, and then deliver unbending standards of quality, every time.

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  • Alpha Lingua image

Alpha Lingua

webalpha-lingua.dk phone +45 3332 0750

Alpha-Lingua is a specialising in commercial translation, interpreting services and business language courses. Our core business is translation for the legal, accounting and manufacturing sectors. In addition, we have longstanding experience as translators and interpreters for the police, the law courts and administrative authorities. We have a solid tradition of professional translation based on classic principles, which we combine with modern language technology.

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