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Ungelt restaurant (originally Fish market)

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phone+420 777 427 000

Ungelt restaurant (originally Fish market)

Týn 638/5, Praha 1

"If you like fish, you won´t be able to resist" (New York Times). You can order any of the fresh fish which are stored in ice rubble right in the middle of the restaurant. Only fish, caught by fishermen the same day of your visit, are available. Located in historic area of Prague, near Old town square.


Overall score 27th

2.54 of 5 stars 2 people have rated

location 4.2 of 5
visual aspects 1.5 of 5
atmosphere 1.5 of 5
quality of the food 3.0 of 5
staff 2.5 of 5

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John Snowman 115 points

Bad QUALITY of service


location 4.5 of 5
visual aspects 2.5 of 5
atmosphere 2.5 of 5
quality of the food 2.5 of 5
staff 2 of 5
Can not help it, but I must fully agree with Renata and her review. For about 10 years Rybi Trh used to be "the place" to go for seafood. However my last two visits ( spread over two years ) were major disappointment as far as the quality of food and the service is concerned. I did asked around and was told that there was change in ownership. Well if this is the reason, maybe new owners should look back how things were done in the past. In my books the place went down from 5* rating to maybe 2-2-1/2 * . Too bad since there aren't that many good seafood restaurants in Prague. To be totaly fair, my major complaint is NOT so much about the food but mainly about QUALITY of service.


Renata 190 points



location 4 of 5
visual aspects 0.5 of 5
atmosphere 0.5 of 5
quality of the food 3.5 of 5
staff 3 of 5
I´ve been in this restaurant several years ago and now I decided to return because I really loved the interior with a Gothic vault, a huge beautiful aquarium with fish and crabs in the middle of a room and several small aquariums around. But how big surprise! Currently there are no aquariums anymore! The restaurant probably changed the owner (now the name is "Sage"), there are many simple mirrors on the walls instead of aquariums and ordinary pink-grey painting. Although the food was quite a good quality, the atmosphere was really disappointing. I won´t come anymore. There are much better choices in Prague.

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