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Restaurants in Barcelona

We have 7 entries so far.

  • Els Quatre Gats (4 Cats) image

Els Quatre Gats (4 Cats)

Calle de Montsio 3, Barcelona

web4gats.com phone+34 933 02 41 40

The 4 Cats restaurant is a famous piece of Barcelona folklore. Operating as a cafe, cabaret and artistic space between 1897-1903, 4 Cats was hosted Pablo Picasso's 1. art exhibition. Reestablished in 1978 became a tourist mecca, certainly its vibrant decor and ambiance make the restaurant a deserving point of pilgrimmage. Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine is tastefull and the coffee is one of the best in the city.

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  • Barceloneta - fresh fish & seafood image

Barceloneta - fresh fish & seafood

Moll dels Pescadors, Barcelona

webrte-barceloneta.com phone+34 932 21 21 11

Have the excellent seafood in its purest form while enjoying the exceptional view over the fishermen´s quay and marina area of Port of Barcelona. The secret of Barceloneta´s cuisine is based on a menu, elaborated on the basic precepts of traditional cooking; fish and shellfish always freshly caught, along with selected raw materials brought in directly from markets.

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  • Tapas 24  image

Tapas 24

Carrer de la Diputació 269, Barcelona

webcarlesabellan.es phone+34 934 880 977

The traditional tapas bar, vivacious and warm atmosphere, a meeting point of the people of Barcelona. Centrally located, open from 9 am to midnight (on Sundays is closed). You can enjoy cooked breakfast dishes, sampler dishes, appetizers or traditional tapas, all prepared from the most select ingredients.

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  • Moments restaurant at Mandarin Oriental hotel image

Moments restaurant at Mandarin Oriental hotel

38-40 Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

webmandarinoriental.com phone+34 93 151 87 81

Awarded with a Michelin star, gourmet restaurant Moments, situated in Mandarin Oriental hotel, is blazing a trail in traditional Catalan cuisine. Directed by Carme Ruscalleda, a female chef who has earned five Michelin stars for her restaurants in Spain and Tokyo, and her son Raül Balam, Moments is one of the finest dining experiences in Barcelona.

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  • Cinc Sentits image

Cinc Sentits

Aribau 58, Barcelona

webcincsentits.com phone+34 93 323 9490

Cinc Sentits is a modern tasting menu restaurant, awarded the Michelin star. We do not have a traditional “a la carte” option. We believe that the tasting menu format of small plates is the best way to experience our vision of contemporary Catalan cuisine, allowing each course to surprise and stimulate the senses.

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  • Casa Calvet image

Casa Calvet

Casp 48, Barcelona

webcasacalvet.es phone+ 34 93 412 40 12

Restaurant is located in Casa Calvet, a building created for a textile manufacturer by the Catalan architectural genius Antoni Gaudí. It is a unique and exclusive place where dining becomes a sensual experience which blends the state of the art of cuisine with the beauty of Gaudí's work. The cuisine is Mediterranean with a certain influence from Asian cuisine.

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  • Los Caracoles (snails)  image

Los Caracoles (snails)

Escudellers 14, Barcelona

webloscaracoles.es phone+34 933 02 31 85

Founded in 1835 by the Bofarull family and since then has been owned and managed by the family itself. These four generations have delivered high quality Catalan food with charisma to the Gothic district of Barcelona.The name of the restaurant, Los Caracoles, comes from the restaurant’s most famous dish, caracoles (snails). Aside from snail, the menu offers a variety of dishes based on high quality traditional Catalan cooking (chicken, paella, grilled fish).

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