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Restaurants in Stockholm

We have 8 entries so far.

  • Fem Små Hus restaurant image

Fem Små Hus restaurant

Nygränd 10, 113 30 Stockholm

webfemsmahus.se phone+46 8 108 775

Fem Små Hus (Five Small Houses) is located in the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town, close to the famous statue of St. George and the Dragon. It is the 1st-class restaurant offering a traditional Swedish cuisine with a French influence, served in a stunning historic setting. You can try e.g. excellent reindeer with lingonberry sauce and potatoes.

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  • Östermalms Saluhall  image

Östermalms Saluhall

Östermalmstorg, 114 39 Stockholm


Since 1888 Östermalms Saluhall inspires people in Stockholm as well as tourists from far and wide with food at its best. Our hallmark is high quality ingredients and cooked dishes from the Swedish and international cuisine. There are excellent stalls, restaurants cafes, and wine bars. Here you can eat one of the best fish dishes. You can also enjoy seeing how stall businesses are run by different seller groups. Its a lot of fun. Enjoy inexpensive meal!

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  • Frantzén/Lindeberg restaurant image

Frantzén/Lindeberg restaurant

Lilla Nygatan 21, 111 28 Stockholm

webfrantzen-lindeberg.com phone+46 8 20 85 80

This restaurant in the medieval Old Town Gambla Stan is the trendiest and most talked-about hotspot. For foodies who like to push the boundaries, dinner here is a spectacular show, full of surprises and humor. Or what do you say about escargots and caviar d’escargot, surrounded on the plate by a music box, circus of aromas, cat grass, violets, pollen and rapeseed?

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  • F12 restaurant  image

F12 restaurant

Fredsgatan 12 111 52 Stockholm

webf12.se phone+46 8 24 80 52

The stylish F12 restaurant gained one star in the Michelin Guide 1997. It is located at the Royal Art Academy premises right opposite to the Swedish Government offices in the old city district of Stockholm. F12 offers high-class food and service in a warm environment with an approachable and informal atmosphere. The food philosophy is built on presenting innovative, international cooking with rare flavour combinations that will surprise our guests.

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  • Den Gyldene Freden image

Den Gyldene Freden

Österlånggatan 51, Box 2269, 103 17 Stockholm

webgyldenefreden.se phone+46 8 24 97 60

Den Gyldene Freden serves authentic Nordic home cooking since the opening in 1722. Famous cultural personalities, tourists and local regulars visit our historic facilities in Gamla Stan to enjoy the fine food and the genuine atmosphere - for everyday or special occasions. Owned by the Swedish Academy, which selects the Nobel Prize for literature. Legend has it that many Nobel prizes have been decided at the Academy’s regular table here.

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  • Restaurang Kryp In Gamla Stan image

Restaurang Kryp In Gamla Stan

Prästgatan 17 111 29 Stockholm

webrestaurangkrypin.nu phone+46 8 20 88 41

This restaurant is a little gem in the Old Town (Gamla Stan). The meal (fundamentally Swedish, in a seriously good way, you can have e.g. reindeer fillet) is delightful and the service excellent. As the web site says - ´you will never forget'. Prices are somewhat higher but it is value for money .

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  • Mathias Dalgren Matsalen & Matbaren  image

Mathias Dalgren Matsalen & Matbaren

Grand Hôtel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 6, 111 48 Stockholm

webmathiasdahlgren.com phone+46 8 679 35 84

Mathias Dahlgren has been one of the best chefs in Sweden for many years.The menu is changed on a seasonal basis, but you can expect to have the signature Scandinavian Sashimi early during dinner. Depending on the season another typical dish can be the sea canker from the West coast of Sweden (Bohuslän) with broth on king crab.

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  • Operakallaren Bakfickan image

Operakallaren Bakfickan

Operakallaren - Royal Opera house, Jakobs torg 12, 111 52 Stockholm

webeng.operakallaren.se phone+46 8 676 58 0

Adjacent to the Opera Bar is the popular Bakfickan, "The Hip Pocket", a small and intimate counter restaurant which seats only 28 guests, either at the bar or at the narrow tables set-up around. The Hip Pocket specializes in presenting traditional Swedish quality cooking at a reasonable price. In the summertime, open air seating is also available facing Jakobs Torg and the grand park Kungsträdgården. Enjoy the best meat balls in the world!

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