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Interpreters & Transl. in Stockholm

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  • TJC Global image

TJC Global

webtjc-oxford.com phone+44 186 5 511 872

TJC Global is a leading translation and interpreting company with over twenty five years’ experience in specialised language services. With our large network of professional interpreters, we can offer interpreting in a number of global locations. Thus, we can offer services in Stockholm from professionals based locally, interpreting both into Swedish and from Swedish.

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  • Lingo24 - translating service image

Lingo24 - translating service

weblingo24.com phone+46 200 896 848

Managing translation can be complex - at Lingo24 we make it simple, fun and inexpensive. We work 24 hours a day, so there’s always a friendly Lingo-ist on hand to answer your questions and keep your project on track. We’re one of the world’s fastest growing translation agencies. We translate more than 40 million words a year between 600 language combinations for clients in over 50 countries, including names like Bloomberg, American Express, Orange, T-Mobile and MTV.

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  • Interpreters of Sweden image

Interpreters of Sweden

webinterpretersweden.com phone+1 888 957 2747

Interpreters of Sweden has over 10 years of experience providing the finest internationally-accredited language professionals in cities throughout Sweden. We employ select, experienced interpreters and translators with proven track records. The quality of our personnel and our commitment to excellence ensures that your conference, meeting or event abroad will be a 100% success.

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  • Kwintessential image


webkwintessential.co.uk phone+44 1460 279 900

Our team of qualified linguists are available for face-to-face interpreting services offering not only the highest standards in interpreting but also local know-how and expertise. We provide two essential forms of face-to-face interpreting services in Stockholm – ‘Consecutive’ interpreting and ‘Simultaneous’ interpreting.

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