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Nightlife in Brussels

We have 7 entries so far.

  • L'Archiduc image


Antoine Dansaert, 6, Brussels

webarchiduc.net phone+32 2 512 06 5

A former, historic jazz club that was designed to resemble an art deco crusieliner bar-in-the-round. A buzzer to get in only adds to the hidden pleasures behind the locked door. Very well-mixed drinks. Definitely an insiderish feel. Occasionally live music is performed.

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  • L'Homo Erectus - Gay bar image

L'Homo Erectus - Gay bar

Steenstraat 57, 1000 Brussel

webfacebook.com phone+32 477 92 35 96

It may not be huge on class, but this longtime Brussels bar is friendly, fun, and at the gateway to the gay quarter. Gay men of all ages, plus a fair contingent of transvestites.

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  • Café Central image

Café Central

Borgval 14, Brussels

weblecafecentral.com phone+32 2 513 73 08

There’s sure to be a lively and trendy ambience there all year round thanks to the mini-concerts, themed film screenings and wicked DJ sets (all free). However packed it is in the central space, that’s never stopped the smoot-talkers and flirts from swaying their hips to a good track or two, as varied as they are numerous. Open every evening.

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  • Dali's Bar  image

Dali's Bar

Korte Beenhouwersstraat 35, 1000 Brussel

webfacebook.com phone+32 483 00 81 36

Start the evening relaxing with a cocktail on the red lip sofas, then gradually get into the groove as the music cranks up in this bright and happening bar-cum-nightclub dedicated to the surreal works of Salvador Dali. Attracts a trendy crowd and features an eclectic mix of sounds spun by international DJs.

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  • Mirano Continental image

Mirano Continental

Chaussée de Louvain 38, Brussels

webmirano.be phone+32 488 34 21 16

Fashion-conscious Euro-yuppies populate this dance club, which is located in the stylish Ixelles neighborhood. Flashing lights and a revolving dance floor might elicit chuckles at first, but let yourself go — the place was designed for carefree fun. Know beforehand that the cover charge is a bit steep and that you'll need to dress to impress to get inside.

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  • A la Mort Subite image

A la Mort Subite

Rue Montagne-aux-Herbes Potagères 7, Brussels

webalamortsubite.com phone+32 2513 1318

Is the "Sudden Death" bar named after the beer or a dice game of the same name? No one is really sure, but folks keep coming here, hoping to find out. Rustic wooden tables and chairs, along with stained-glass panels on the walls, seem straight out of the 19th century. Now, as then, the drink of choice is beer, whether you choose a monastery brew such as Chimay, a traditional lambic, some aged gueuze, or the fruity favorite, kriek.

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  • La Fleur en Papier Doré image

La Fleur en Papier Doré

Rue des Alexiens 55, Brussels

weblafleurenpapierdore.be phone+32 2 511 16 59

This spot has been a popular artists' hang-out since it opened in 1846. Local poets and writers-in-residence have jotted their musings on the walls, and the eclectic decorations (everything from antlers to bicycle tires) may help explain some of Magritte's paintings — he was a patron. Drop in to experience for yourself the kitschy hominess that makes it so popular with locals. For the price of a beer, you'll probably make a few new friends.

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