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Zinneken Pis

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Zinneken Pis

Rue de Chartreux 31h, Brussels

The sculpture "Zanneke Pis" was unveiled in 1998. Beside the famous Manneken Pis and less known Jeanneke Pis it is a third bronze sculpture from „a peeing family“. The Zanneke Pis is not what you would go searching for as an attraction, but it definitely makes you smiling when you bump into it strolling through the city. Little goodie along the way that makes a fun photo opportunity. It is located on the corner of streets Rue des Chartreux / Kartuizersstraat a Rue du Vieux-Marché / Oude Graanmarkt. The world „zinneke“ means in a Flemish language a cross-breeded dog.


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