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AAA Radio taxi

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phone+420 222 333 222

AAA Radio taxi

AAA Radio taxi is a very reliable company providing an individual, comfortable and safe way of transport. At the same time Prague taxi service is public, and it belongs to the cheapest ones in whole Europe, with comparable level of the service. You can order a taxi by phone or via sms. The duration of waiting for a taxi is about 10 min. The operators speak English. You can have special requires regarding the quality of a car, price or English speaking driver. Price is according to number kilometres and each driver have a different range price from 15 to 27 CZK per km.


Overall score 19th

4.25 of 5 stars 1 people have rated

reliability 5.0 of 5
speed of service 5.0 of 5
car quality 3.5 of 5
language skills 3.5 of 5

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Renata 190 points

Very reliable company!


reliability 5 of 5
speed of service 5 of 5
car quality 3.5 of 5
language skills 3.5 of 5
AAA Radio taxi is absolutely the best taxi company in Prague, very reliable and they have the most cars (in comparison with other companies) so you usually wait just about 7-8 minutes. The price is very favourable.

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