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Old Jewish Cemetery

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Old Jewish Cemetery

Široká, 110 00 Praha 1

Established in the 1st half of the 15th cent. Along with the Old-New Synagogue, it is one of the most important hictoric sites in Prague´s Jewish Town. The oldest tombstone, which marks the grave of the poet and scholar Avigdor Karo, dates from the year 1439. Burials took place in the cemetery until 1787. Today it contains some 12,000 tombstones, al though the number of persons buried here is much greater. Closed on Saturdays.


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John Snowman 115 points



value to visit 5 of 5
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Cemetery left "untouched" for centuries and so it should be. Stroll the grounds and take your time. After all , the odest grave there is almost 600 years old. Hard to imagine how so much history can be located almost in centre of Prague. So touching , I revisited 3 times

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