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Cirk La Putyka

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Cirk La Putyka

Komunardů 30, Praha 7

Founded in 2009 in the Czech Republic, La Putyka became a very popular contemporary circus which has been trying to transcend the lines between acrobatics, dance, puppetry, sport and concert. Every performance is based on a specific theatre poetics and story. Beside Prague La Putyka had sucessful shows e.g. in Shanghai, Australia, Brazil or France. La Putyka cooperates with famous world esembles such as Maksim Komaro, Tilde Björfors, Daniel Gulko, lectures of Cirque du Soleil or French National Cirk school.


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Renata 190 points

Uncomfortable chairs but outstandingly stunning show!


value to visit 5 of 5
easy to reach 5 of 5
The venue of La Putyka shows, called JATKA78, is located in unattractive area of old market in Prague 7 (quarter Holešovice). The interior with a big bar and pictures on the walls looks originally but don´t expect any snobish, dazzling theatre. I´d say it is a place for so called “hipsters” (people who love alternative lifestyle and despise all that is mainstream).
The auditorium is middle-sized (about capacity for 360 people) and every row is in the higher step so everywhere is a very good view on the stage. Only a big minus are uncomfortable plastic, very narrow chairs. I felt squeezed like a sardine. But the show was so outstandingly stunning that in a while I forgot on the chair.
I´ve seen the performance called “FAMILY”. The first 20 minutes looked too wacky but after that I was just staring and enjoying the incredibly great, outstanding show of acrobats. BRAVO!
And one more thing: During performance artists talk in Czech but only a few sentences which aren´t too important so also foreigners can admire this TOP art.

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