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Iron Gate

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phone +420 225 777 777

Iron Gate

Michalská 19, Prague 1

Located in the heart of Prague's Old Town, in a picturesque, cobbled side street just steps from the famous Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square. The Iron Gate Hotel & Suites offers 43 unique rooms and suites, each with a different lay out, view and decor. This beautiful landmark, set in a privacy of inner courtyard with unforgettable atmosphere, is certainly one of the hidden gems in Prague.


Overall score 12th

4.66 of 5 stars 2 people have rated

location 4.5 of 5
design of a hotel 5.0 of 5
visual aspect of a room 4.8 of 5
sleep quality 4.2 of 5
cleanliness 4.8 of 5
food quality 4.8 of 5
value for money 4.5 of 5

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leon 40 points

Iron Gate hotel


location 4 of 5
design of a hotel 5 of 5
visual aspect of a room 4.5 of 5
sleep quality 3.5 of 5
cleanliness 4.5 of 5
food quality 4.5 of 5
value for money 4 of 5
Iron Gate hotel is best place if you like to feel like turn in time. This hotel is located in best area in old histrorical town so you will have all good restaurants, shopings and histrorical monuments close to you.
In Iron Gate you will be very happy. Rooms are fresh and clean in old rustical style , building is old ad historical,,,so for me is always pleasure stay there...becouse atmosphere there is really magic.
If you like to taste clasical czech food , you will be very happy with hotel restaurant.

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