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Hilton Prague Old Town

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phone+420 221 822 100

Hilton Prague Old Town

V Celnici 7, Prague 1

The hotel, located downtown, is well equipped for meetings, events and conference needs, with 1 000 m² of meeting space and the flexibility to accommodate groups ranging from 10 to 800 people. Facilities include 12 meeting rooms as well as the Dvorak Ballroom, which can host up to 340 people. 330 rooms and spa with a smaller swimming pool are available.


Overall score 14th

4.64 of 5 stars 1 people have rated

location 5.0 of 5
design of a hotel 5.0 of 5
visual aspect of a room 5.0 of 5
sleep quality 5.0 of 5
cleanliness 5.0 of 5
food quality 4.0 of 5
value for money 3.5 of 5

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leon 40 points

my experience


location 5 of 5
design of a hotel 5 of 5
visual aspect of a room 5 of 5
sleep quality 5 of 5
cleanliness 5 of 5
food quality 4 of 5
value for money 3.5 of 5
An above standard hotel in the Hilton Prague Old Town concept, very centrally located in Prague close to trams, metros, shopping and restaurants.

The breakfast buffet offers a good variety, and there is a chef available to make waffles, eggs and omelets, but I wish the staff were better at replenishing food that has run out. It also gets very busy at peak times.

The staff otherwise helpful and kind, eager to help you find your way around town and make reservations. All in all a pleasant stay!

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