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Villa Gregoriana (Tivoli, 30 km east of Rome)

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Villa Gregoriana (Tivoli, 30 km east of Rome)

villa Gregoriana, Largo Sant'Angelo, 00019 Tivoli RM

Positioned in a very steep valley carved out at the foot at the ancient acropolis of Tivoli, villa Gregoriana is one of the most fascinating, special parks in Europe. It was created by Pope Gregory XVI. in 1834 to defend the town of Tivoli from the ruinous floods of the Aniene river. The park consists mainly of thick woodlands with paths that lead to the caves of Neptune and the Sirens, which form part of a series of gorges and cascades, and to the Great Waterfall. You need good shoes and condition!


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Renata 190 points

The wonderful rocky park with waterfalls out of Rome in Tivoli!


value to visit 5 of 5
easy to reach 4 of 5
Villa Gregoriana is one of my favourite parks out of Rome. It is definitely value to go there. You need good shoes and at least average condition (it is quite a long walk down to the big waterfall and then up). The tour takes about 3 hours. At the end (when you are destroyed) there is a light point - a small caffeteria with beverages :-).

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