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Aquarium Barcelona

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phone+34 932 217 474

Aquarium Barcelona

Passeig d´Itaca, Barcelona

Barcelona's Aquarium is one of the largest in Europe and boasts one of the most impressive collections of Mediterranean sealife in the world. You will marvel at the sharks and other fish and sea animals while you walk through the glass tunnel. You will also have the opportunity to pet a stingray at the touch pool and get an upclose look at nearly 8,000 fish through the floor-to-ceiling glass displays.


Overall score 13th

3.25 of 5 stars 1 people have rated

value to visit 3.0 of 5
easy to reach 3.5 of 5

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Geralda G. 55 points

An okay experience


value to visit 3 of 5
easy to reach 3.5 of 5
If have lots of free time and don't know what to do with it, you could visit the Barcelona Aquarium, but I must warn you, you will encounter lots and lots of people. The place is crowded and the lines are long ...

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