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phone+34 670 547 946


Calle Tuset 13, Barcelona

Pure disco!! Glamour, glitter and sparkle!! If you enter the Sutton Club it is like a revival of Saturday Night Fever!! Here you have the guarantee to have an exceptional atmosphere and a stylish and luxurious environment! In the center of Barcelona you will meet this well-established club!


Overall score 14th

2.7 of 5 stars 2 people have rated

location 2.0 of 5
ambience 4.0 of 5
quality of a drink/food 2.0 of 5
fun 2.8 of 5

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mendez 25 points

Posh ambience


location 0.5 of 5
ambience 4.5 of 5
quality of a drink/food 0.5 of 5
fun 2.5 of 5
Posh local located in a posh street. Super expensive drinks.


pedja82 30 points

nothing special


location 3.5 of 5
ambience 3.5 of 5
quality of a drink/food 3.5 of 5
fun 3 of 5
Very expensive drinks.

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