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Esplanada Dom Carlos I, 1990-005 Lisboa

Designed by American architect Peter Chermeyeff, Lisbon's Oceanarium is one of the world's largest aquariums. It is located in the Parque das Nações, near metro station Oriente. There are about 25,000 fish, seabirds, and mammals in an enormous central tank that is the size of four Olympic-sized swimming pools. Visitors can look into it from different levels for close-ups of the various creatures, including different species of sharks.


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Renata 190 points

A great way how to spend afternoon in rainy Lisbon :-)


value to visit 3.5 of 5
easy to reach 3.5 of 5
If it is raining it is great to spend a few hours in Oceanarium. My partner really loved this place. Me too but I wasn´t so fascinated because I have seen the amazing Aquarium with the tunnel in San Francisco. In SF you were going through the tunnel on the moving pavement so you had really a feeling that you are inside of the ocean. Here, in Lisbon, there is just huge aquarium with two floors (no tunnel) and then many smaller aquariums with explanations. The complex is really big so don´t go there if you are tired. From downtown you can go there easily by metro or 15 min. by taxi.

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