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Rossio square

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Rossio square

Praça de D. Pedro IV, Lisbon

Located at the end of the Liberdade Ave, in the Pombaline Downtown, the Rossio (Praça de D. Pedro IV) is the most popular square in Lisabon since the Middle Ages. It´s been the point of many revolts, celebrations, bullfights and executions. Now it is a preferred place for locals and tourists to sit and relax or have a drink in one of the several atmospheric cafés with outdoor sitting (the most popular is the art deco Cafe Nicola on the western side). There are two neat baroque fountains and in the center is 27 metres high marble sculpture symbolizing allegories of Justice, Wisdom, Strength, and Moderation, qualities attributed to Dom Pedro IV, whose statue stands on top of the monument. On the north side is the neoclassical Dona Maria II National Theater, built in 1840.


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