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Flower Carpet - August 16-19, 2018!

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Flower Carpet - August 16-19, 2018!

The Grand-Place, Brussels

Every 2 years, the Grand-Place in Brussels is covered with a carpet of begonias (usually in August and only for one weekend). The 1st carpet was born in 1971 on the Grand Place by architect E. Stautemans, who was inspired by other carpets created in diverse Flemish cities. This carpet of 77 x 24 m is realized in several stages and is planned 1 year in advance. The life-size drawing of the carpet is put on a transparent and micro-drilled plastic sheet. The carpet then has to be made by approx. 120 volunteers who install near a million begonias (at the rate of 300 by m3) within 4 hours.


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