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Restaurants in Helsinki

We have 6 entries so far.

  • Lappi Restaurant image

Lappi Restaurant

Annankatu 22, Helsinki

weblappires.com phone+358 9 645 550

The staff is dressed in a traditional Lappish costume and the design of interior makes you feel like at a restaurant in the Arctic Circle. Finnish coffee (coffee and brandy) from a wooden cup seems a little strange at first but it's all part of the Lappish culture. Suggestion is for Salmon tartar and the Finnish salad to start followed by two reindeer fillets finished off with the lingberry moose that is a must. Very pleasant helpful staff in a really cosy location.

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  • Karljohan Restaurant image

Karljohan Restaurant

Yrjoenkatu 21, Helsinki

webravintolakarljohan.fi phone+358 9 612 1121

Now it is renovated and really fresh. The atmosphere is relaxed and you feel welcome entering the place. This smallish place is just across the street to Hotel Torni. A block away from department store Stockmann. More or less a genuine local menu. Adding to that an every day changing menu. Food is very well prepared and and very tasty.

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  • Ravintola Kuu image

Ravintola Kuu

Toolonkatu 27, Helsinki

webravintolakuu.fi phone+358 9 2709 0973

The restaurant Ravintola Kuu is a bit out of the way to get to, but it's well worth the trip. While this place is more expensive than other places in Helsinki, it's cheaper than places of equivalent stature and quality in other big cities.

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  • Konstan Möljä image

Konstan Möljä

Hietalahdenkatu 14, Helsinki

webkonstanmolja.fi phone+358 9 694 7504

Plentiful dinner buffet Tue-Fri 17.00-22.00 and Sat 16.00-23.00. Restaurant Konstan Molja is a traditional Finnish restaurant with a Finnish food and maritime atmosphere. This cozy place is in a residential area of Helsinki. It’s a buffet style restaurant with amazing local foods cooked by the owner who could be anyone’s grandma! Make a reservation as it could get crowded! And the price is amazing compared to the city average.

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  • Kappeli cafe, bar & restaurant image

Kappeli cafe, bar & restaurant

Eteläesplanadi 1, Helsinki

webkappeli.fi phone+358 10 766 3880

Kappeli café, bar and restaurant is located in a beautiful glass gazebo in Esplanadi, a historic park which was built in early 19th century. It is a green oasis in the heart of Helsinki. Kappeli’s sunny terrace is one of the city’s largest, accommodating 350 visitors. Helsinki’s most popular terrace welcomes plenty of comers, so it’s often quite full.

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  • Finnjavel restaurant image

Finnjavel restaurant

Etelaeranta 16, Helsinki

webfinnjavel.fi phone+358 300 472 341

Finnjävel (which means Finnish Devil - a name Swedes used to call Finns), is a great example of a restaurant that you wouldn't necessarily go to on a regular basis, but is excellent for special occasions and to simply experience when in Helsinki. The dishes are very creative and stunningly prepared and play on traditional Finnish ingredients. Finnjävel is a pop up restaurant run by two of Finlands top Chefs. The menu is traditional Finnish food with a modern twist.

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