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Interpreters & Transl. in Frankfurt

We have 6 entries so far.

  • Linqua-World GmbH image

Linqua-World GmbH

weblingua-world.de phone +49 69 8900 4444

No matter for which languages and in which subject area you need an interpreter, Lingua-World works exclusively with highly qualified native speakers. The interpreters in our pool of employees hold a university degree or have an equivalent education and are authorised to exercise the profession of interpreter. In addition, many of them are legally certified, and therefore qualified to work for government authorities like courts or the police force.

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  • ASPRA image


weballe-sprachen.com phone+49 69 506 97819

Our company has been working since 1986 for courts, the public prosecutor’s office, police departments, notary public offices, the German TÜV and many other public authorities. We provide qualified and certified interpreters and translators for all languages. Our services include the translation of legal and scientific documents of any kind and the provision of interpreters for any fields.

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  • Postulkova Olga, Dr. - interpreter & tranlator  image

Postulkova Olga, Dr. - interpreter & tranlator

webtschechisch-dolmetscher.de phone+49 69 59 25 89

Registered and authorized translator in the Czech language for the courts and notaries in the Federal state of Hessen. I am offering to you oral and written translations in the following languages: Czech (native tongue), Russian, English and German.

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  • ENGIN GmbH - translations image

ENGIN GmbH - translations

webengin.de phone+49 69 28 88 03

The translation agency ENGIN GmbH with offices in Mannheim, Frankfurt, and Mainz offers translation, certification, interpreting and conference interpreting services for more than 60 languages and dialects worldwide.

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  • Language Marketplace image

Language Marketplace

weblanguagemarketplace.com phone+1 888 294 3032

Language Marketplace® offers certified Interpretation Services and certified Translation Services. We work with the best translators, interpreters, proofreaders, and editors throughout the world to offer our clients exquisite levels of translation service and quality, unrivalled by other agencies at our prices.

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  • Dolmetscher-Gruppe Frankfurt image

Dolmetscher-Gruppe Frankfurt


We are a network of independent interpreters with many years of professional experience in a wide range of languages and specialist subjects. We offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, put together multilingual teams of interpreters, and advise on the choice of conference technology. We also provide comprehensive specialist consultation, quality control and legal security.

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