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Summer Film Festival (July 3-September 3th)

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Summer Film Festival (July 3-September 3th)

Rathausplatz, Vienna

The traditional Film Festival in Vienna is held every summer since 1990 and it is one of the largest cultural and culinary festivals in Europe. Thousands of tourists and locals, who love music, are comming in front of the Vienna City hall (Rathausplatz) to see a telerecording of rock, jazz or pop concerts, operas, operettas or ballet. The technical production, with full HD, a 300 sq. metre screen and a first-class sound system, is always of the highest standard. Music brings generations and the most diverse kinds of people together. Millions of guests from all over the world have been visiting the open-air spectacular for the past quarter century to enjoy first-class music and the ultimate in international gastronomy. The admission is free.


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