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Alexia Manova
Live in Germany 25 points

My last rating



location 3.5 of 5
ambience 4.5 of 5
quality of a drink/food 3.5 of 5
fun 3 of 5
Jimmys bar is somewhat different to pricey bars in the metropolitan city. It is located at the side of the luxury hotel Grand Hessicher hof , upon ringing the bell you are greeted by one of the empolyees who offer to take your jackets and gets you seated , it is a small bar but dont let that disappoint you what it lacks in size is compensated by their expertises to stir up the finest cocktails and cigars , I have been there my fair share and always enjoy the place when it is empty. There is also a specific chess table if you are planning to sharpen your skills at the game.



location 4.5 of 5
design of a hotel 3.5 of 5
visual aspect of a room 4.5 of 5
sleep quality 4.5 of 5
cleanliness 4.5 of 5
food quality 4.5 of 5
value for money 4.5 of 5
In the summer of 2017 I had the opportunity of staying at the superior Mandarin hotel in Munich , although it was a short stay I do not regret staying in this particular hotel. From the lobby to the rooms it is what you would call luxury at its best. Althogh it was very pricey one should experience the Mandarin hotels hospitality once.



kempinski berlin


location 2.5 of 5
design of a hotel 2.5 of 5
visual aspect of a room 3 of 5
sleep quality 2.5 of 5
cleanliness 2.5 of 5
food quality 2.5 of 5
value for money 2.5 of 5
As i have stayed at quite a few kempinski hotels in Germany, I reserved the kempinski berlin for my visit to the fair . I must rather say this hotel lacks a standard kempinski features, they should really think about reinvesting some of the profit it turns out.
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