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Mr Airport Transfers

Mr Airport Transfers
Live in Italy 25 points

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Budapest forever!


architecture 4 of 5
gastronomy 5 of 5
nightlife 4.5 of 5
culture 4.5 of 5
prices 3.5 of 5
safety 5 of 5
The best part of Budapest is during the day, people are very gently and trustable, the city center is safe.



architecture 4.5 of 5
gastronomy 4.5 of 5
nightlife 3.5 of 5
culture 4.5 of 5
prices 4.5 of 5
safety 4.5 of 5
Rome is great! and its history is so strong everywhere that also today if you go there in middle season, you can easy imagine to be 2000 years in the past even if many cars could be around you. A week in Rome is a must!
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