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Restaurants in Madrid

We have 10 entries so far.

  • La Era restaurante image

La Era restaurante

Calle de la Infanta Mercedes, 103, 28020 Madrid

webfacebook.com phone+34 915 67 01 44

La Era is one of the best restaurants in Madrid with a focus on quality and freshness. Ibérico ham, bacalao (cod), wild mushrooms, rices, stews and shellfish are just a few of the top-notch Spanish ingredients and dishes that one will find on the menu of La Era, a restaurant that combines traditional and contemporary sensibilities in a warm and welcoming environment. In addition to the food, this restaurant also boasts an ample list of cocktails and wines from all over the world – with emphasis of course on Spain’s own cellars – making it a true dining experience for all the senses.

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  • El Club Allard image

El Club Allard

Calle de Ferraz, 2, Bajo derecha, 28008 Madrid

webelcluballard.com phone+34 915 590 939

El Club Allard conserves its sophisticated style since its opening in 2003. Since then, it has become one of Madrid’s most prestigious gourmet temples. 2007 and 2011 the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star. The three menus that we offer are composed of a variety of snacks, tickets, two main dishes of fish and meat, a pre-dessert and two desserts whose proportions are designed so that you can enjoy your dining experience with us.

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  • Alagarabia restaurant image

Alagarabia restaurant

Calle Unión, 8, 28013 Madrid

webrestaurantealgarabia.com phone+34 915 42 41 31

Located in downtown in the Old Madrid near the Royal Palace and the Opera House, the Algarabia restaurant is run by two sisters and it feels like you're eating in their home! The menu is traditional Spanish and not very expensive. All of the dishes are a completely unique experience, all are delicious and extremely flavorful - definitely try the Oxtail and chickpea soup and Chorizo! Service is excellent and the meal will be one of the highlights of your stay in Madrid!

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  • El Abrazo de Vergara image

El Abrazo de Vergara

Calle de Vergara, 10, 28013 Madrid

webelabrazodevergara.com phone+34 91 542 00 62

The El Abrazo restaurant is located in a quaint neighborhood behind Opera Metro. The dishes are very creative, beautifully presented and the staff is extraordinary friendly. The place is great value for money. Try a starter - the black pudding and cornflake "fritters" on tomato sauce or asparagus salad with cheese foam. They are excellent. And like a main course is recommended Cod "Bonbon" stuffed with shrimpy sauce served on a bed of vegetables ratatouille style. Enjoy!

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  • Taberna del Chato image

Taberna del Chato

Calle Cruz, 35, 28012 Madrid

webtabernadelchato.com phone+34 915 231 629

Nice taverna located on the most central and commercial zone of Madrid (walking distance to la Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Santa Ana). Ideal to make a stop along the way to taste its tapas or to have dinner sitting at one of its small rooms. Very varied menu of Spanish portions and bite-sized appetizers. Kind employees. Kitchen open to the public for directly dealing with the chef. Sangría. Cocktails.

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  • Metro Gourmet Bistro image

Metro Gourmet Bistro

Calle de Evaristo San Miguel, 21, 28008 Madrid

webmetro-gourmet.com phone+34 915 42 95 21

The delicate flavors and creative combinations served at Metro Bistro are the work of a knowledgeable and dedicated chef! The homemade foie gras terrine with guava or the unbelievable braised butter fish with ponzu sauce and pickled vegetables are two examples. The artistic presentation, unpretentious yet comfortable setting, and attentive service all reinforced the reason to return. Enjoying a meal created by a chef who is as talented, creative, and passionate about his craft as Chef Elmer del Rosario is a treat not to be missed.

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  • Alcaravea Gaztambide image

Alcaravea Gaztambide

Calle Gaztambide, 56, 28015 Madrid

webalcaravea.com phone+34 912 83 80 05

This restaurant is not in a touristy area, but is very easy to find. The portions are huge, so definitely share and get half portions. The grilled foie gras is scrumptious, it melts in your mouth. The Alcaravea Gaztambide has a great selection in the menu, especially if you want to try a variety of different dishes. Excellent wine list too, combined with a great, very attentive service and reasonable prices.

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  • Garcia de la Navarra image

Garcia de la Navarra

Calle de Montalbán, 3, 28014 Madrid

webgarciadelanavarra.com phone+34 915 23 36 47

Located downtown, near the Retiro park, the Garcia de la Navarra is a real gem. It is something between a bar and wine restaurant offering a traditional Spanish cuisine, along with “tapas”. The food is a very good quality food, though the menu is not very large. Standouts are the beef cheeks and cheese platter. The fish 'special' are great too. The best part is obviously the wine list offering a high quality and rare wines from all over the world at very fair prices with a focus on Spain and France.

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  • Anema e Core restaurant - Italian cuisine image

Anema e Core restaurant - Italian cuisine

Apartments Arenal Calle de las Donados, 2, 28013 Madrid

webanemaecore.net phone+34 915 42 22 53

The name Anema e Core comes from a popular Neapolitan song, translated as “With all my Heart and Soul”. It is a popular restaurant in the old centre of Madrid offering top quality Italian food. Although it is primarily a Neapolitan restaurant with a genuine wood-fired pizza oven and hand-made pasta, you can have here also typical dishes from Naples and specialties from regions such as Sardinia and Sicily. The famous San Daniele ham features in a number of the dishes, along with fresh seafood, fish and top quality meat and of course delicious desserts including “zucotto”.

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