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Restaurants in Moscow

We have 9 entries so far.

  • Cafe Pushkin image

Cafe Pushkin

Tverskoy Bulvar 26a, Red square, Moscow

webcafe-pushkin.ru phone+7 495 229 5590

A sophisticated cafe on the 1st floor that's open 24 hours, but it's the restaurant on the so-called 'library' level, that is the place to see and be-seen in. Attentive waiters, wearing chemises and sideburns, serve classic French and Russian cuisine, whilst punters soak up the learned atmosphere created by shelf upon shelf of dusty 'magni opi'. A word of warning - try to pay without looking at the bill.

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  • Noah's Ark image

Noah's Ark

Malyy Ivanovskiy pereulok 9, Moscow

weben.noevkovcheg.ru phone+7 495 917 0717

Located in one of the old lines of Kitai-Gorod, Armenian style splendid interior decorated with tuff and other stones, designed by Armenian masters, the restaurant Noah´s Ark consists of two halls - small Ararat hall on the 1st floor and main hall on the 2nd floor. You can choose over 120 dishes - oriental sweets, cognacs and Armenian wines as specialties. Live music.

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  • CDL restaurant image

CDL restaurant

Povarskaya street, 50, Moscow

webrestcdl.ru phone+7 495 663 3003

Crystal chandeliers, rich wood paneling, fireplaces, and antique balustrades make CDL among the warmest and most lavish eateries in Moscow. The food is extremely well prepared; try the ukha (fish soup) or pelmeni for starters, and move on to one of the menu's many duck dishes. If you're feeling adventurous, cleanse your palate between courses with kvas (mildly alcoholic beer made from bread).

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  • Turandot restaurant - chinese cuisine image

Turandot restaurant - chinese cuisine

Tverskoy Blvd 26, Moscow

webturandot-palace.ru phone+7 495 739 0011

Turandot is one of the biggest restaurants of Chinese cuisine in the world and impresses guests with its magnificence: crystal, gilding, exclusive porcelain, plenty of antique pieces, such as original fireplace from the time of Ludovic XVI, original Gobelin tapestry, long case clock from XVIII century. There are two main halls on the ground and 1st floor, Porcelain and Gala halls, eight separate cabinets each with individual theme fit-out – Birds, Eden, Gobelins, Alcove, Mirrors and Drapery, Chinese silk, Fables and Golden Cage.

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  • Varvary restaurant by Anatoly Komm image

Varvary restaurant by Anatoly Komm

8a Strastnoy Blvd, Moscow

webanatolykomm.ru phone+7 495 229 2800

Varvary (Barbarians) restaurant, opened 2008, offers an innovative interpretation of the traditional Russian cuisine. The famous Russian chef, Anatoly Komm, have set off to explore the secrets of the molecular gastronomy and offers a so called haute cuisine. Varvary offers a 9-course tasting menu, and a dinner might consume up to three hours. Tables are set with exquisite silver tableware and crystal glasses, and none the less extravagant is the décor.

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  • Suliko restaurant - Georgian cuisine image

Suliko restaurant - Georgian cuisine

Bolshaya Polyanka, 42, str. 1, 42, Metro Polyanka, Moscow

websuliko.ru phone +7 499 238 2888

Traditional recipes were gathered from the most talanted cooks from all over Georgia. The chefs at Suliko are devoted to food, revere traditions and are proud of the old recipes that have been handed down through the generations. Suliko is truly building a tradition of hospitality from age to age!

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  • Shinok - Ukrainian cuisine image

Shinok - Ukrainian cuisine

1905 Goda ulitsa 2, Moscow

webshinok.ru phone+7 495 651 81 01

The chefs present elegant, satisfying versions of Ukrainian countryside standards such as borscht with garlic rolls, potato-stuffed dumplings (vareniki), and suckling pig. The cold sorrel soup (zelyoniye shchi) is tangy and filling, and the egg-and-spice-stuffed carp is mouthwatering. The wines are overpriced; stick to beer or alcohol-free.

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  • Uzbekistan restaurant image

Uzbekistan restaurant

Neglinnaya 29, Moscow

webuzbek-rest.ru phone+7 495 623 2469

This Uzbek restaurant boasts by a nicely exotic interior of carved stone arches and ornate ceilings, reminiscent of a Bukhara palace, which transports you immediately to Tashkent. The food is delicious, with indigenous chefs preparing the finest Uzbek recipes. Have some of the sensational plov (a sort of pilaf) and settle in with a hookah pipe. The welcoming and courteous staff, dressed in native costumes, add to the 'authenticity' of this luxurious Central Asian delight, together with live music and bellydancing.

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  • Parisienne restaurant - French cuisine image

Parisienne restaurant - French cuisine

Leningradsky prospekt, 31, str. 9, Metro Dinamo, Moscow

webparisiene.ru phone+7 495 613 0784

This place is a great choice for anyone who enjoys French cuisine. The interior is spectacular, the food is delicious and the service is perfectly balanced between friendly and professionally efficient. The wine list is extraordinary and the English speaking staff are happy to make recommendations. The food is not cheap, but it is fairly priced for the quality that is served.

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